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Innovative Technologies

Handheld Technology

CVV deploys handheld computers powered by Crane Streamware management software. This allows us to download precise sales and collection data each and every time we service your vending machines. By knowing exactly what is selling, we can make sure your building never runs out of the favorites that keep everyone refreshed and motivated to face the day. In addition, our technology ensures your sales reports are accurate and timely whether you are participating in our subsidized or commission programs.

Remote Monitoring

CVV has raised the stakes in the game for full-line vending in New Jersey. We can now communicate with our vending machines remotely allowing our warehouse to strategically service and pre-kit exactly what is needed to refill your vending machines in your buildings. No matter how many machines are in your facility and no matter how unpredictably busy they can become, we are always connected to them and will manage the little details that will make a huge difference in how successful your vending program is.

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