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About CVV

Mission Statement and Corporate Philosophy


Culinary Ventures Vending approaches each new business opportunity in an individualized manner. We manage corporate headquarters, large and small businesses, hospitals, and educational institutions. They can be accounts that are exclusively vending, hot beverage or spring water accounts or we can offer customized vending options, including micro-markets. We assure all our clients that their food service objectives will be achieved. We carefully review each client's needs and what they hope to achieve from their vending and food programs. Culinary Ventures Vending will work with each client to provide the best and most cost effective solutions.


We do this through:

  • Conducting in-depth surveys to capture important information.

  • Designing programs to meet the elements of vending food service in order to achieve pre-determined objectives.

  • Calculating an operating pro forma based on the designed program. We then review the pro forma with our clients, in detail and take into consideration the client’s input.

  • Managing the vending program by carefully monitoring the operation, listening to our customers and analyzing financial results.

  • Reporting the status of the program, as it is currently operating, and recommending new programs that will assure our clients objectives are continually met as the account evolves.

  • Developing a realistic and comprehensive program that is comfortable for everyone.

Toll Free Number:   800-834-4726

Fax Number:         (908) 624-0750


Jack S. Yuppa     


(908) 624-9940 ext. 115    


Tommy DiNardo 

Vice President (USG United Strategies Group)

(908) 624-9940

Mike Wilson 

Chief Operating Officer

(908) 624-9940 ext. 109


Michael Ricca 

Chief Financial Officer

(908) 624-9940 ext. 101



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