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Our technology and management team can handle the busiest and most unpredictable of medical facilities. Year round, you can count on CVV to make sure your vending machines throughout your buildings are always cleaned, filled and working.


Key Features
  • State of the art energy star vending equipment & technology

  • Machines include remote monitoring technology / remote merchandising

  • Cash – Accepts $1 and $5 dollar bills and all forms of coin

  • Machines can accept Debit and Credit cards

  • The Right Choice – Healthy snacks & beverages with signage

  • Unique Programs designed to meet objectives and needs

  • Strong Supplier Partnerships provide extra value

  • Tremendous Profit Sharing Programs

  • US Connect Card offers extra value and other benefits


Medical Centers that we proudly serve:

  • Hackensack University Medical Center

  • University Medical Center – Newark

  • Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital – New Brunswick

  • St. Peters University Hospital – New Brunswick

  • Nursing Facilities, Assisted Care and HealthCare Systems

Click here to have a free site evaluation and to learn more about the benefits your medical center, doctors, patients and visitors will gain when you switch services to CVV.

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