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Be Fit – Stay Healthy

Culinary Ventures Vending has developed a “Be Fit - Stay Healthy Program” which offers products from our vending machines which are nutritious and healthy. This program was first introduced in the schools and colleges which we service in order to offer the faculty and students healthier and more nutritious choices from the beverage, snack and food machines, and also to comply with State of New Jersey Guidelines. Given the growing trend towards more nutritious, healthy diets, we have expanded this program into our other business locations where it has been very well received.


Currently, we have entered into a program with WaWa Dairies to distribute their milk and juice products. This program is particularly popular with Elementary, Middle, and High Schools, as well as Colleges and other locations catering to both children and adults. We have expanded our Chips and Candy offerings to include products that are healthier and more nutritious. We are now looking to expand our program with additional products to offer these healthier choices in our food machines. For example, we are in the process of finalizing a program with Stonyfield Farms to add their organic natural products into our program.



Look for the healthy logo Icon

CVV has developed and implemented a nutritional guideline program emphasizing sensible nutrition choices, nutrition education and a healthy active lifestyle.


Products that meet the guidelines are identified in machines with a heart/apple sticker for easy recognition.


The Right Choice… for a Healthier You!

This program has been developed and is managed by Carmen Gorniak, RD, CD, the staff dietitian for USConnect.


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